The local suburban death metal sensation, Skull-de-sac, has just been signed to Interscope Records.  Made up of the former members of “Sons of Dentistry” and “The Subpoenis”, Skull-de-sac has been performing locally for a collective 3 weeks.  After their parents bought them a house on the rough side of Montford, SDS began practicing with religious like dedication and it has finally paid off.  Their debut single, from their new album Safe Street?, is entitled “Entitled”, and it features an almost as promising B-side called “I Blame it On My Dad”.

Covered in “Fitch” tattoos, frontman Thad Pennington, explained the lack of  “Abercrombie” ink on his body.  Unfortunately, Snurch had a tough time paying attention so we didn’t catch his reasons, our bad.  However, the bassist, Ashton Mayflower, said something very interesting but it’s really one of those, “should have been there” things.

Anyway, Skull-de-sac, is due to hit the road this October as they kick off the Hollister Fall Fearfest.  A whirlwind tour that will hit 22 cities with the hardest suburban death metal this side of Biltmore Forest.  Before the tour is to set sail they will play a benefit party at the LAB to help raise money for their bro, Brodie Setliff, whose trust-funds are a skosh low.  We wish Brodie the best and can’t wait to turn up Skull-de-sac.