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Snurch has gleaned some inside information from a cherished Asheville restaurant.  An employee that we shall call “QuailFace” has dropped serious knowledge on Snurch and we have decided to go forward with it.

The Laughing Seed is laughing at all of you.  Yes their meals are vegetarian, yes their food is good, but do any of you know the truth?  We think not.  Of all the loyal vegans and vegetarians that frequent this establishment, how many of you would return if you knew that your vegan meal was being served on pottery made from ground animal bones.  Not just any animal bones but those from stray dogs and cats.  That’s right, they’ve been feeding you tofu served on a glazed and fired bed of lies.  Every time you sink your teeth into a tempeh taco, your fork is scraping the soul of a lost pooch.  Every time you swallow a bite of hempnut burger your feeding a sinister plot to destroy kittens.  Your leafy green earth dinner is being dished up courtesy of Cinnamon and Mr. Jingles.

If that wasn’t bad enough, QuailFace also tells us that none of their “To Go” ware is recycled, it’s all plastic and all paper.  So even if you get your food to go in order to bypass the animal bone china, your food is still being sent out in petroleum-based, tree hating, red state manufactured packaging.

Laughing Seed:  Sowing the seeds of destruction one sinister laugh at a time.


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