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Recently, through a combination of careful digging and dumb luck, Snurch stumbled upon something amazing.  Here in our fair city of Asheville, Snurch uncovered a hate group, known as “Southern Effeminate Men Eliminating the North” also known as SEMEN.  Led by Lance Dearborn and Travis Covington, SEMEN seeks to tell the alleged story of  an elite fighting group during the Civil War known as the Rainbow Rebels, an all gay regiment that served directly under, Robert E. Lee.  They say that thanks to the Yankees, the Rainbow Rebels history has been all but destroyed, however, because of these two hate fueled men, Travis and Lance, the story is beginning to be told and the hate is beginning to spread.  Not only are they trying to tell that story but they are also trying to destroy the North and every Yankee in it.

Snurch went undercover and got closer to SEMEN  than we really wanted to, and it changed Snurch’s life forever.  Acting as “Sons that Wished they were Daughters of the Confederacy”, we were invited to a very special initiation party, in order to gain access to the inner circle of SEMEN.  First, we had to be inducted into SEMEN, or else the story would not  be told to us, and this induction was carried out by way of a ritualistic TSGP or Top Swapping Glitter Party.  Unfortunately, that is all we will say about the party, well that and the fact that it was a total hoot!  Anyway, at first SEMEN was dousing us with information and it was almost too much to handle but eventually as the night wore on and Travis grew suspicious, SEMEN was drying up and giving us nothing.  We here at Snurch made a hasty retreat and barely got out as SEMEN almost overtook us.  Luckily for us, we were able to snurch some pictures before we left and even uncover a secret website of theirs.  For all those loyal Snurch readers in the North and for all those Yanks that have caused SEMEN to erupt please be careful and for the sake of your children do not mock SEMEN.  In Snurch’s very humble opinion, SEMEN is a powder keg of hate about to explode and once it does we will all regret the day we let SEMEN rain down upon us.

Below we have released some of our Exclusive Footage:

Travis and Lance saluting the Rainbow Rebel Flag, with a little artistic licence.

SEMEN’s Secret Site…a stain on the internet!


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